It’s been over a month now since the whole world started to socially distance themselves. What is becoming more apparent, is how, do you keep yourself entertained? Over the last month I’ve written 5 ways to keep your mind active during social distancing. My day job works in an industry which is less than necessary (depending on how you classify beer). I am waking up to the reliasation that I may not be back at work for months on end yet. So what I have done is put together 5 ideas and activities which you can do. Especially when you may be home more than you have ever been.

I could get really down about this time at home, however in contrast I see this as a massive opportunity. Now, before you click close on this post as you realise it’s another “learn to bake”, “learn the guitar”, “learn how to turn yourself inside out with yoga”, bla bla bla post. Here’s 5 ways to keep your mind active during social distancing you will actually find helpful. Your mental well being and your mind will thank you for it. I promise you that. No BS.

1. Keep your mind active during social distancing through reading something inspirational.

It’s time for some inspiration and reading a book they will really motivate you. Especially during these strange times, it is something I highly recommend. It doesn’t matter what motivation you are looking for. Some examples could be to go for a (socially distanced) run. Another may be to make a change in career. Or it could be something way more serious such as a cure for depression or anxiety. There is one book I can absolutely recommend.

David Goggins’ Can’t Hurt Me – is a truly inspirational story. I’m not normally much of a reader, but this one I just couldn’t put down. And neither will you. Goggins, described his childhood as a nightmare – poverty, prejudice, and physical abuse colored his days and haunted his nights. But through self-discipline, mental toughness, and hard work, Goggins transformed himself. From a depressed, overweight young man, into a US Armed Forces icon and one of the world’s top endurance athletes.

n Can’t Hurt Me, he shares his astonishing life story and reveals that most of us tap into only 40% of our capabilities. Goggins calls this The 40% Rule.

David Goggins, Can’t Hurt Me on Audible

I did indeed read this book over six months ago. I can vouch that I have used some of his mind tactics to over come pain, fear, anxiety and depression. It really does f**kin work man. You can get your copy below in different formats such as Kindle, Audiobook or old fashioned paper. If you want to listen to the book, I have a free month at Audible for you below. Just tell them Dan sent you.

David Goggins Can’t Hurt Me – free audible month

2. Planning your days inside are key to tricking your brain into an ‘achievement mindset’

Just because you aren’t at work, outside exercising or working on a worldwide takeover project, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan your days. Planing your days out are really important in times where you can waste hours on end, and easily. I’m not going to sit here and write to tell you about buying something to help you plan. A pen and paper will help will be a good start.

Start by getting up everyday and one of the first things you do, is to write down 3 things you want to achieve. Then make sure you prioritise them. Its that easy. If you are productive first thing in the morning, then do that. If they are longer term projects then schedule time. Towards the end of the day, tick them off and then reward yourself. If I’ve ticked off all 3 things I reward myself with a craft beer or my daily exercise outside. It’s that simple really.

If you want to learn how to become more productive, you can do so here.

Productivity Planner template

3. Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with friends whilst gaming.

Using your time to game now is a great way to actually catch up with your mates. It’s also great fun to have with the family. I’ve been through several forms of hell over the last few years. If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know how important friends are to help you through tough times. I’ve never been the biggest gamer, but I’ve rediscovered that you can spend time speaking with those you cannot spend physical time with while gaming. A gaming set up won’t cost you much as the majority of consoles these days are really affordable.

The best thing about gaming online is it gives you the chance to chat with your mates. Especially if you are isolating on your own. You’ll need a headset and I’ve listed the best ones at differing prices below for you. Just like every bloke I know at the moment, they are playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare . I even have a squad of mates we play Warzone with while having a beer. It’s great fun and highly addictive. You don’t need to be a sharp shooter. I am a terrible gamer – however I am very much enjoying the changed way I talk to mates.

Cheap headset under £50

The best rated headset under £100

Ultimate Wireless headset

4. Relaxing can really help keep your mind active. Yes it can!

Depending on where you are in the world, getting outside and relaxing can be really rewarding. Obviously if going outside, you should stay in confines of your own property and socially distance.

The weather is improving and as of the time of writing this, you are still allowed outside in the UK. Sometimes sitting in a park, or in your garden with nothing but a good podcast or music in your headphones is what you need to do.

Remember the last time you were on holiday and felt truly relaxed (proper relaxed)? That’s what you could use this time to achieve. A perfect sense of rest is exactly what the world needs. Life is so busy and frantic. You will never get this chance again to do nothing.

5. Use social distancing and lock down to learn to mediate.

Just over 2 years ago, my fiance left me for another man and quite frankly I was in a mess. I hadn’t done anything wrong, but she just decided to leave out of the blue with zero warning. If it wasn’t for some very loyal friends, who knows what would have happened. Depression and anxiety soon kicked in. To add to this, I was drinking and using other women/dating to try to remove some of my pain.

Soon after and to help with the effects of depression, I found meditation. While it doesn’t take away pain, it will absolutely help you be present and whether you are suffering depression or anxiety, will teach you to live in the moment. It’s not about sitting cross legged humming, meditation is about focusing on something in particular which brings you into the moment. This moment is actually all that matters. Why not try to understand how to enjoy it more?

In current times, there are plenty of things to get anxious about (and by the way – that is totally normal. However why not use the time get in the present moment. It’s not so scary living right in the present.

Meditation through Alexa

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